About The Single Guys

The Single Guys is a specialty coffee company born and bred in Brisbane, Australia. With a focus on sophistication, character and integrity, we seek to source and supply the finest single-origin coffee and related products to our customers. Our bustling cafe in the western suburbs of Brisbane proudly serves our finest offering of coffee along with a simply fresh menu offering seven days a week!

What We Value

Life is too valuable to bother with inferior quality or mediocre solutions. A refined palette, impeccable taste and head-turning response never require justification. Our offering should always effortlessly rise above its peers.


Character is at the core of who we are. It represents the essence of who we are, how we respond, what we seek out and how we engage with the world. Through experience, identity and confidence we are always seeking to develop the character of our business and indeed our products.


Integrity is more than just personal honesty. It represents reliability, consistency and transparency in all that we do and offer. From our staff to the cup, we ensure that our products and our skills maintain a level of integrity that can be assured and identified at any time. Additionally, the traceability of each individual coffee back to the farmer or cooperative is imperative to our offering and equally, our assurance that they receive a price above the market level.